SVCB - slitesterk

Specification & Features

SVCB label is a highly durable, scratch and rub resistant asset label used for inventory control and asset management label programs. When applied to a relatively smooth, dry, and grease-free surface the laser engraved label will fragment into pieces when removal is attempted.
Labels can be engraved with:
- Logos and text
- Graphics
- Sequential numbering
- Barcodes
Various sizes available

Performance & Applications

Temperature performance
Label properties unaffected in temperatures -40°C to +250°C.
3 years of weather testing in the field (DIN 53387). Resistant to grease, oil, weak acids, salts and alkalis.
- Traceability and control of valuable or sensitive equipment
- Nameplates, rating plates information plates
- Tamper evident inventory labels
- Where direct inscription of workpiece is not possible

Tamper Evident Security Labels

This highly flexible self-adhesive label, made of thin gauge multi-layered acrylic, is fully tamper-evident and cannot be removed or transferred without being destroyed.