ES 15

- Small seal suitable for application in hard-to-reach areas

- A unique polypropylene seal with high strength and metal insert. Tail diameter just 1.3 mm. Suitable for the smallest sealing holes.

- Ideal to seal boxes, crates, doors, cabinets, suitcases, etc.

- Sold to: hatches and containers in airplanes. Securing electronics in taxis


SMALL adjustable plastic seal. Flexible seal, suitable for most uses.Serial number: standard

Material Locking Machanism:


Total Length:

180 mm

Tensile Strength:

Approx. 6kg

Temperature Range:

- 40/ + 50

Minimum Sealing Hole:

1,4 mm (diameter)

Material Seal:

Polypropylene (PP)


Yes (black laser engraving)

Color Seal:

White, yellow, blue, orange, gray

Standard Packing:

50, 500 and 1.000 pcs.